Art as resistance against political violence


Assyrian Archer
Folding Shrine
Four Horses
Four Horses
Temple of Zeus
Temple of Zeus Pergamon Relief

ISIS Bullet Hole Painting

I create paintings with poured and set industrial paint. The tradition of painting is the application of paint to a flat surface and it has pre-arranged boundaries in the form of a canvas and so on. For me, that limits too much what painting can be—I want something more organic where I can add and take things away. So I developed many systems of making works of art with paint, where I took the paint for a walk in three dimensions and I tried to figure out how I could enable the paint to grow without those traditional restraints.

ISIS Bullet Hole Painting

Assyrian Archer (2016) Industrial floor paint 35cm x 53cm x  4cm

Folding Shrine (2017) Industrial floor paint 23.4 x 65 x 2cm

Four Horses (2016) Industrial floor paint 92cm x 350cm x 12cm(high res)

Four Horses (2017) Industrial floor paint 74cm x 101cm x 13cm

Temple of Zeus (2016) cast industrial floor paint (Dimensions Variable)

Temple of Zeus Pergamon Relief (2016) Industrial floor paint (Dimensions Variable)


Piers Secunda

Piers Secunda